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 Our Vision

“We have the vision to create, develop and propagate knowledge about climate change”.

Our Mission


  • Build capacity in research, teaching, learning and outreach at the University so as to play leading roles in climate change adaptation in Nigeria and Africa.
  • Develop and strengthen relationship with other organizations and create knowledge platforms on ways for sharing information on climate change.
  • To establish innovative action oriented research, resulting from intra-disciplinary research team work on climate change
  • To develop local, National and regional platform constructed for capacity, training, climate change economics, policy and innovation.
  • Encourage community participation in problems posed by impact of climate change globally.

From The Director’s Desk

Climate change as a trans-disciplinary program encompasses all fields in Sciences and Arts. Climate change disturbs both human lives and ecosystems. Since climate change disturbs our lives generally, it must be our prerogative and collective concern- hence the detailed studies as regards causes, mitigation, adaptation of climate change should be researcher’s priority.

This is why Africa Climate Change Adaptation Initiative, University of Nigeria (ACCAI-UNN), sponsored by Open Society Foundation (OSF), USA is in the picture today.

We therefore enjoin all hands to be on deck as we work towards solving climate change problem which poses a life-long threat to the world at large.dir pic


Prof. F.N. Okeke, FTWAS
Director, ACCAI-UNN